…….and breathe!

I am so pleased with the response to my last post of The Art of Conscious Breathing. My passion is The Breath and in my endeavour to ‘Get the Planet Breathing’ I want as many people as possible to practice this simple and transformational Art.
I would urge you to find a reputable Breathwork Practitioner who will facilitate your transformation. You can find one by looking on The International Breathwork Training Alliance website www.Breatworkalliance.com; The International Breathwork Foundation www.ibfnetwork.com; or in the UK The British Rebirth Society website www.breathwork-rebirthing.co.uk. Trust your instincts – look up their website and check them out – how do you feel about that person? Of course the best way is usually by recommendation, but that may not always be possible.
The practice I have outlined is to keep the momentum going and it will gradually change your life, subtly but surely, but to really accelerate your transformation you do need to work with a qualified Practitioner.

One of the most important actions we will ever take is that of breathing – it is fundamental to life – and yet few of us are aware of how shallow or limited our breathing has become.
As Alan Tyson MD says “Because our breathing is under our control we have at our disposal one of the most powerful healing mechanisms known to mankind.”
When we become breath aware we realise just how limited our breathing is and that every breath needs to involve the diaphragm, it is an enormous incentive to improve our well-being at every level – physical (the prime fuel for the body is our breath), mental (calms the troubled mind), emotional (heals the fear of loss) and spiritual (re-connects us with our source).
The breath is subtle, but so powerful, it by-passes our mental defence-mechanisms and heals at the deepest of levels. It reminds us of who we truly are – of the one-ness of all. It helps us detach from the dramas of everyday life and see them for what they are – dramas created to enable us to face our deepest fears and to breathe with them, to accept and allow the stuck energies to move out, rather than project them onto other people and the outside world in general. Taking without respect to try and fill our inner void – this is the way to destroy the planet. In order to heal the world we need to heal ourselves – so start breathing (consciously) and learn how to love!

When we realise how incredibly beautiful, amazing and unique each of us is – the thought of competition is laughable. How can we compete with perfection? We tend see ourselves and others through the veil of limitations and fears – this is not who we are. We can breathe past this and see the beauty that is everywhere.
As Babaji says in his channeling:
“Your soul sits within your spine, enjoy your natural state, your enhanced heart state, your natural state is love, just as my natural state is love just a smy natural state is love. Through love we can speak of the whole Universe, through love we can hear God’s word, through love we grow, ageless towards God.”
Breathwork opens up so many doors – but the most important one is to the heart. The Spinal Breath helps us to reconnect with our soul – with who we truly are.

With love
10 July 2012

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