Same old, same old?

Did you know we spend 95% of our time thinking about the past and planning/worrying about the future?  This means we are only actually PRESENT in our life for approximately 4.5 years …..and most of these was probably when we were children!

How sad – we aren’t even living our lives!  We are automatons!

The answer to this is Mindfulness – how to actually BE in our life and to actually LIVE it!

It does take commitment and effort but it is so worth it.

When Jon Kabat-Zinn became interested in Mindfulness, he actually attended talks given by Thich Nhat Hanh, he was so impressed that he believed the technique would help his depressed and stressed patients at the Massachusetts School of Medicine where he worked.  He tried it out and it did work!  In fact he was so successful that Clinical Trials were done and it was found that after 8 weeks of training 45% of the patients could come off all medication, the majority of the rest could cut down on their medication and only a small number weren’t helped by the training.

This is the way in which Mindfulness became mainstream and is really catching on – BECAUSE IT WORKS!

Most of us think we are our mind.  We identify with the thoughts that go round and round incessantly in our heads all the time.  By acknowledging that thoughts are just thoughts, they are not the truth, we free ourselves up from the tyranny of the mind and allow ourselves to be who we truly are.  What an adventure!   When we come back to being our real selves, which is so much more wonderful than any mental concept, then we can truly begin living our lives – moment by moment.

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