Discover the power of your breath

“Because our breathing is under our control we have at our disposal one of the most powerful healing tools known to man” Alan Tyson MD

Most people don’t think about their breathing, unless it’s during a Yoga class or they get puffed out during exercise, but it is the single most important thing any of us will ever do. Our breath gives us life and without it we can only stay alive for a few minutes.

When we become breath-aware most of us realise that our breath is quite shallow – just entering the top part of our lungs.  These are in fact stress breaths.  They activate the Sympathetic Nervous System and send ‘red alert’ signals to our bodies to get ready to run or fight.  Unfortunately for most of us these breaths have become the ‘norm’.

Although we breathed beautifully as babies – diaphragm moving with every breath – we actually learned to hold our breath as a response to the upsets and traumas of life.  By the time we reached adult-hood or maybe long before that, our breath gradually became shallow which means that we are not living at our optimum and our breathing is actually stressing us.

The moment we bring our breath into the diaphragm we activate the Para-sympathetic Nervous System which sends messages to our bodies that all is well, we are safe and we can rest.  This should be our normal breathing pattern until we decide to take some kind of action – out of choice!

This shallow breathing becomes a habit so we need to learn a more healthy habit – that of including the diaphragm with every breath we take.  For some of us the diaphragm may have tightened and it may take a concerted effort to get it moving naturally, but I promise you, it will be so worth the effort!  Our bodies will then be receiving enough oxygen to maintain the healthy functioning of your internal organs, the major systems of the body such as digestion and elimination will be working at their optimum level as well as your cells being oxygenated.

Dr Otto Warburg received the Nobel Prize for discovering that cancer cells are anaerobic – they hate oxygen.

During a Breathwork session you have an opportunity to “Breathe Out” some of the issues that caused you to hold your breath in the first place – without the need to re-experience an old trauma.  Because the breath is so subtle it gets past the defence mechanisms of the mind………..and for the most part, the days of “You can’t heal it until you feel it” are past – thankfully.

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