Discover the power of your breath

“Because our breathing is under our control we have at our disposal one of the most powerful healing tools known to man” Alan Tyson MD Most people don’t think about their breathing, unless it’s during a Yoga class or they get puffed out during exercise, but it is the single most important thing any of [...]


WHAT’S ON YOUR MIND? Same old, same old? Did you know we spend 95% of our time thinking about the past and planning/worrying about the future?  This means we are only actually PRESENT in our life for approximately 4.5 years …..and most of these was probably when we were children! How sad – we aren’t [...]


2013 seems to have been a challenging year for most people.  I find it particularly challenging when people I have known for some time go out of my life.  However the sudden death of a very dear friend from Liver problems at the age of 47 was devastating.  Elisa had a devoted husband and lovely [...]

 BREATHWORK RETREAT The Breathwork Retreat in Glastonbury in September was beautiful.  There was as usual a combination of things – the people present (of course) the energies created at the sessions, the loveliness of the surroundings; but having done 30 of these 5 day modules and retreats, this one was special. Some of the training [...]


The moment we focus on our breath we are energising it – energy follows attention. Our breath is a direct connection with the Divine – the Yogis call the diaphragm ‘The Spiritual Muscle’ and believe that if we are not engaging it when breathing we are not receiving prana from our breath. Babaji says that [...]

…….and breathe!

I am so pleased with the response to my last post of The Art of Conscious Breathing. My passion is The Breath and in my endeavour to ‘Get the Planet Breathing’ I want as many people as possible to practice this simple and transformational Art. I would urge you to find a reputable Breathwork Practitioner [...]


In my efforts to ‘Get Britain Breathing’ I have devised the following Daily Breathwork Practice which I give to each f my Clients asking them to make a commitment to being ‘Breath Aware’ at the beginning of each day. As Alan Tyson MD says , If we were able to breathe naturally for even a [...]