What Conscious Breathing Can Do For You

The Conscious Breath is a potent tool for healing.  It is a wonderful way of getting in touch with our Joie de Vivre – our passion for life – and this of course affects everything in our life.

Improve Physical Health

  • Energises the body as more oxygen is available for the normal bodily functions.
  • Eliminates the waste material more efficiently.
  • Activates and supports the natural healing abilities of the body.

Enjoy Better Relationships

  • It helps to put our problems into perspective and enables us to take responsibility for our reactions rather than projecting on to other people.
  • We become more aware that in most instances we are reacting to something that happened a long time ago and we are projecting it onto the current situation. Using Conscious Breathing helps to heal the upsets and traumas of the past and this enables us feel secure enough to move with the flow of life. This enables us feel secure enough to move with the flow of life.

Calm an Over-active Mind

  • A breath session can bring us into a wonderful state of peace, acceptance and appreciation of life.
  • It can give us a different perspective and even can allow us to see the funny side of the dramas we create in our lives.

Overcome Limited Beliefs and Habits

  • These usually go back to the past when we had experiences that caused us to believe that this is the way life is, and we created a set of habits that were intended to support and protect us in our lives. Some of these habits and beliefs can be very limited indeed.
  • Conscious Breathing helps release the upsets that created the need for for the habit or limited belief in the first place in a safe and gentle way, sometimes just by breathing, or perhaps by crying or shaking. Intense cold or heat may be experienced during a session, which is usually associated with fear or anger being released.

Deal with Stress and Emotion

  • Most of our stressful emotions occur when situations arise in our lives that are not what we wanted or planned for.  Conscious Breathing enables us to respond in a much more appropriate way
  • In the 1940s anxiety was documented as being a Respiratory Neurosis.  When we limit our breathing so as not to fully experience something that is difficult for us to deal with our bodies eventually become stressed and this increases our stress level even more.  Deep flowing breaths into the diaphragmatic area of our lungs will enable us to feel calmer and less stressed.

Cope with Grief and Loss

  • Conscious Breathing helps us to realise that there is an ebb and flow to life and that death is definitely not the end. It is the ego that fears death and Conscious Breathing helps us to realise that we are so much more than the limited beliefs and understanding of the mind.
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