What is Conscious Breathing?

Conscious Breathing is a simple and effective healing technique that is thousands of years old, a form of Kriya Yoga which comes from India and was taught by Taoist Masters 4000 years ago.

The way we breathe is the way we live our lives. Shallow breathing leads to a shallow expression of ourselves.  Our breathing pattern reflects who we are and if we want to change our lives and the person we believe ourselves to be – the way to do it is through the breath. Our usual way of breathing greatly inhibits our life force but as we have the ability to control our breathing we have access to one of the most powerful and efficient healing systems available to human beings.

We take approximately 15,000 breaths every day and if we could breathe efficiently for only a small percentage of those breaths we would make a tremendous improvement in our physical, emotional and psychological well-being as well as enhancing our awareness of our spiritual selves – our soul – who we truly are.

Baby Breathing

If you notice how a baby breathes you will see that the little tummy and chest go up and down and in and out like a little bellows, it almost seems as if the baby is ‘being breathed’.  If this is our natural breathing pattern there is an enormous discrepancy between this and the way most of us are breathing now, which is probably by taking tiny puffs of air that only reach the very upper part of the lungs.  What happens to us to cause this huge discrepancy in our breathing pattern as adults?


Life is what happens to us!  We are all so open and sensitive as babies and young children and so easily affected by our environment and the people in it.  When an upsetting event occurs it is a natural reaction for us to hold our breath, this stops us experiencing it to its fullest extent and locks it away in our unconscious.  This is a defence mechanism but by the time we reach adulthood so many of these events have occurred to us (some of which may have been quite traumatic) that our natural breathing pattern has been changed and the breath relegated to just the upper part of our lungs.  This prevents us from functioning at our optimum on all levels; physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.

Conscious Breathing

On a purely physical level – the body can only exist for a few minutes without breath.  If we are not breathing well we are not energising our bodies – we are not digesting and assimilating our food properly and we are not eliminating our bodily waste efficiently.

Conscious Breathing not only greatly enhances our physical well-being but enables us to connect with and safely release any underlying traumas that have been preventing us from living our life to the fullest.

On a Spiritual level – our breath is our connection to the Divine.   The diaphragm is known as the ‘spiritual’ muscle.  By not breathing properly we are cutting ourselves off from our source.  Conscious Breathing reconnects us to our divinity and our sense of One-ness and of being a part of everything.

The Spinal Breath is a channelled form of Conscious Breathing with the focus on the spinal column.  It is a simple but powerful means of transformation.