My Story – Judith Davis

I was born in Pembrokeshire, West Wales and moved to London in 1972 and to Surrey in 1975.

I am married with three children and two grand children.

I now live in Woking, Surrey where I have my Spinal Breathing Practice. I also have a Practice in Kingston-upon-Thames.

When I was 3 years old I suffered a severe trauma as I ran across the road in front of a lorry. My mother ran after me and was killed. I was unhurt. This irrevocably changed the lives of both me and my baby brother John, who was asleep in a pram at the time. Obviously this incident had a profound effect on the whole of my life and devastated a very close-knit family. Although I tried many different kind of healing, some of which were very helpful, it wasn’t until I discovered Conscious Breathing that true transformational healing took place in my life.

When my 14 year old son Owen unexpectedly died in his sleep of epilepsy it was the Conscious Breath that helped me to heal the awfulness of the grief.  I set up an Award Scheme in his memory at the Comprehensive School he attended, to acknowledge children who make a determined effort in their life, have had to deal with or overcome a difficulty, or who are helpful and positive individuals, making the world a better place by just being here. The Scheme has proved to be a tremendous success.

I believe that acknowledgement and the creation of self-esteem to be of vital importance for everyone – especially our children.

The Celtic Connection

I am Welsh and the Welsh are a Matriarchal Society.  The head of my family was my Great-Grandmother, Martha Laugharne. My Great-Grandmother, or Mama as I always called her, held the family in an invisible safety net. Once inside you were safe, you were looked after, cared for and included in family life. If she wasn’t able to do it personally another member of the family would. As so often happens, it is only in retrospect that I am aware of the value of this kind of upbringing and although we were materially quite poor  I had no awareness of this. My predominant memories are of kindness, inclusion and safety.

After my mother’s death I was fortunate enough to have a very secure and loving upbringing with other members of my family.  However because of the trauma, I believe that a part of me left my body and I ‘went into my head’ as a survival mechanism Here I tended to over-complicate things with my over-active mind, in many instances my defence mechanisms were so powerful that it was extremely difficult for healing to take place. Although I received benefit from several different kinds of therapies it was Conscious Breathing and latterly Spinal Breathing that had the most profound and permanent effect .

Using my breath for healing has enabled me to release most of the traumas and upsets of the past by releasing them safely in my breath. The sudden loss of my son at the age of 14 was a devastating shock.  I have achieved a wonderful level of peace and acceptance using these Breaths. I feel so very blessed to have been given the Spinal Breath and, as Babaji says ‘This Breath is for Everyone’.

It is so simple and gentle but very transformative. I feel that the time of catharsis is coming to an end, although this may not seem very apparent in the world at present.

As Within, So Without

One of the simplest ways of looking at healing is by the creation of peace and harmony within us.

In some instances, like mine, one first has to get into one’s body in order for healing to take place.  The Spinal Breath and breathing consciously is a powerful method for helping us to feel safe and secure enough to actually be here!

It is my belief that by changing ourselves as individuals true healing and transformation takes place. It is not possible to change anything out there without changing ourselves – the outside world is a reflection of what is going on in all of us, as individuals and as a collective.  As the saying goes ‘Heal the war with ourselves in order to heal the wars in the outside world’

One of the most effective ways of bringing about this transformation is through the Spinal Breath and breathing consciously.  It is possible to move beyond the veil of illusion and to become a part of the One-ness of all.