Just Breathe…

My emotional energy felt to be held around the spinal area where it gently dissolved, instead of coming to the surface.

Beverley Wood

The fact that something as simple as the breath can truly connect us to the Divine and to our Soul amazes me.

Celia Marchisio

I have just finished a course of 10 breathing sessions with Judith and would highly recommend anyone considering it to give it a try. During every session I have attended I literally felt the negative energies flow out of my body through my breath, which greatly improved my ability to breath and allowed me to eliminate unwanted negative experiences that I had been holding on to all throughout my life. After every session attended I left on an extremely natural high & felt really good about myself.

Paul Martin

Nothing could have prepared me for the amazing experience it was. I have had back problems for years and after only one Spinal Breathe. I felt an absolute shift and am now able to do more things than before.

Lis Cashin

After a couple of sessions I was taken back by the power of the breath. My personal transformation from that time on was incredible. I was obviously releasing a lot of emotional baggage and I started to feel a lot better. It had been a long time since I had felt so much love. As I changed, my life outside of me changed too. The sessions are quick, safe, and thorough and produce lasting results.

Neil Weston

I felt an amazing amount of love and was in a state of bliss for several days. I had forgotten what our natural state is.

Louise Knecht

Activating the spine is the key to the expansion of consciousness in the body. Having learned this in my many years of practice in Tantra, Kriya, and Kundalini Yoga, I was not surprised to learn that Judith’s technique focused on Spinal Breathing. Eager to experience yet a bit skeptical as to how effective it could be on someone that had worked with other such breaths, I was completely BLOWN away when I was led through a session by Judith.

It’s power was in its simplicity and gentleness. It was for me an inner journey that led to the universe contained within my spine.  From here I was able to  experience the expansion of energy that exploded through my body as I went through layers of emotional energy, visions, and inspired thought. This is definitely a very powerful practice, and Judith is nothing short of masterful while gently guiding the participant through a blissful and expansive experience – thank you Judith.

Rafa Zambala

During just one session an energetic wave rippled through my entire system, making my whole body physically ripple.

Evelyn Saunders

Spinal Breathing with Judith has been one of the most uplifting experiences of my life. On a practical level, it has helped me to deal with stress in my life, by becoming more aware of when I am ‘holding’ my breath instead of allowing the breath to flow. This has helped prevent panic attacks on several occasions and has given me something positive to focus on.

Seeliana Marchisio

I have had several breathwork sessions with Judith and each one has been an important part of a journey.  With her enthusiastic and empathic guidance, I am moving towards living my life to its fullest, free from a great deal of emotional “baggage”. Focusing on spinal breathing, each session seems to unlock emotions, and helps me to release them gradually and safely.

Liz Drury

There is breathing and breathing. Most people breathe well enough to stay alive but there is a whole new type of breath. This is the breathing we do naturally as a baby but that we unlearn as we get older. Judith helps you unlearn this unlearning and get back to that natural breath. I have only had one session but, as a result, several light bulbs went off and I have ended up unshackling myself from several business ties that weren’t serving. Just by breathing freely, the connections I have been seeing are arriving like magic and without me having to do anything. A Spinal Breath session with Judith is literally a breath of fresh air.

Tom Evans

Since I started to work with Judith I have really changed. It’s mainly an internal change, I feel connected to life. What I mean is that I’m much more present in life. Before I used to be constantly thinking about what happened yesterday or last week or years back, regretting things and generally focussing on things that didn’t go the way I wanted to. Or I was thinking about the future, worrying about how things would turn out, constantly feeling discomfort about life and myself.

I’m now happy everyday. I don’t mean happy like I’m always in a good mood happy, what I mean is that now I feel all feelings and I’m more relaxed and content, and best of all, I found out the purpose of my life and who I truly am.

Cim Bartlett

What an amazing experience! I am still tying to find words to vocalise what occurred!

Shirley Barton-Gunning