What Happens During a Session

There are usually three stages:

  • Activation – conscious breathing for a period of approximately 30 minutes
  • Expression – something will be released from the subconscious
  • Integration – period of deep relaxation which integrates the experience

Some people have the most amazing experiences in a session while for others not very much appears to happen at the time.  Sometimes our defence mechanisms are very strong, especially mental defence mechanisms as the mind likes to believe that it is in control (and, unfortunately in most cases it is). However, in spite of these defence mechanisms, whatever needs to happen will happen, whether we are aware of it or not.

As the facilitator I will be witnessing your Breathe and encouraging you to keep breathing. My intention is always to hold a ‘safe space’ as I believe that we need to feel safe before we will allow anything  to happen . I make sure that you keep breathing in the best way you can so that you may experience whatever you need to experience for your greatest benefit.

It is a part of you that decides what needs to happen and this is usually unconscious. Some people feel incredibly relaxed and peaceful; others go into a state of bliss.   Some have experiences that may be interpreted as those of a past life.   There may be tears or shaking or perhaps feelings of being very hot or extremely cold, which usually denotes fear or anger. Some people  laugh almost uncontrollably . Whatever your experience, you will be released of an emotional block that has been holding you back in your life, and your breathing pattern will have been subtly changed.

A Session lasts approximately 2 hours and costs £70.00.

After 9 sessions you are able to do a session of your own.  This is one of the most wonderful gifts you can give yourself.